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Aquatics International Dream Designs Frequently Asked Questions


I’ve applied for AI Dream Designs last year. Can I use the same login?

Yes! Please use the same email you used for your previous application and click the “forgot password” button if you can’t remember your password. If the person who applied for Dream Designs last year is no longer with the company, please create a new account.


This is my first time applying for AI Dream Designs. Why do I have to create an account?

Yes. Creating an account through our portal will allow you to log back in and continue working on your form at a later date. It will also give you access to your form to print it out for your records once you submit it; be sure to keep your login information!


Is there a fee to apply for Dream Designs?



Will I receive emails about my application?

Yes. Please add digitalawards@hanleywood.com to your email's whitelist to receive these emails.


Can I save my form and continue it later?

Yes. Scroll to the bottom of your form and hit SAVE before exiting the application. Once you click the SAVE AND FINALIZE button, however, you will have submitted your application and be unable to make any further changes.


Can I edit my form after it's submitted?

You can access your forms and edit them until the posted submission deadline.


Can I print out my form once I’ve submitted it?

Yes! Login to your account. From your dashboard, go to My Applications - Complete. You will be able to print and/or view your completed form there.


Why do I have two separate entries in my account for the same project?

The registration and submission materials forms will each appear individually in your dashboard along with that step’s status and submission date. For example, when you have submitted both sections of your application, the COMPLETE section of your dashboard will look like the below.


My question isn't here. Who can I talk to?

Contact Rebecca Robledo at rrobledo@hanleywood.com.